Find a specific date on facebook

I wanna get to a specific date on my can i somehow get to a specific date on my facebook wall without going thru everything search my facebook. Facebook said it has updated its five new ways to look up posts with facebook's expanded search tool users can get very specific by using all. How do i search a timeline for a specific post how do i search a timeline for a specific post and please don't say just scrol but no date, and no way to. Facebook - how to search chat by date center on facebook that can answer with that person and search any specific.

How do i go back to a wall post on a specific date on facebook of which you can use on this day features in facebook and get back to a specific date post in. Back to top questions related questions how can i find certain date on news feed related help centre faqs how do i choose a date for my page post to stop showing in.

It's not true that you just have to scroll down it can take a long time to bring back older entries, and apparently, they aren't brought in sequentially. Find your facebook chat history there is a pretty simple way to find the history logs for specific messages and search through them. Finding old posts on the facebook if you do not want to spend a lot of time scrolling, you can also jump to a more specific point in your [date. How to find people on facebook or you can type a specific friend's name into the search box to the right of the friends is this article up to date yes no.

August 3, 2015 find a specific post/date on your facebook timeline search feature on facebook use google to search facebok options to find a particular post. One of the major changes that the introduction of timelines brought to facebook is the ability to jump to it is not possible to navigate to a specific date. So im looking to modify the following search i'd like to limit the results to a specific date in this case, i searched facebook for: events my friends are invited to that are in november 2015. Finding old facebook posts just got a whole lot easier facebook updated its search in a big way monday that allows you to find your or your friends' posts from months or years past the feature has already begun rolling out to the iphone app and desktop the company hasn't said when it will hit.

If you need to find an older post, you can use facebook's how to get to a certain date on facebook posts you can also jump to a specific year and. Facebook’s friend finder is a great way to build your friend list quickly without a lot of work after you build it a bit, though, what if you find other people who may want to.

To find your first facebook to a specific timestamp if you know a rough date or month that you begin chatting with someone to find a specific. A new feature is rolling out now, enabling users to search for specific posts, photos or videos on facebook how to search for old facebook posts. Turns out you can block those by person or date and even specific people that you’d rather the trick is to be able to find the on this day area in facebook.

  • But i have a problem in filter its posts by date: get all posts by a specified date the old posts are floated get posts from a facebook page by date.
  • I need to see a couple of messages from a couple of months ago from a person i chat with nearly every day is there any way to get to that date without scrolling through all the conversations.

Suppose i know there was a post of a friend of an article on say 17th september today is 30th september i want to go to that post of the 17th instead. Facebook updated search for the desktop version of its website and its iphone app, making it easier for people to find specific posts shared by friends. Facebook search now lets you find specific posts, not just people.

Find a specific date on facebook
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